SPIS TREŚCI/Contents Nr 1 (4),
Wiosna i Jesień 2008/Spring and Fall 2008

Table of Contents s. i 

Introduction                                                                                                                                                                 s. 1-6
Karol Jakubowicz

The Reality Show Called Democratization: Transformation of the Czech media after 1989                    s. 7-23
Jan Jirák, Barbara Köpplová

Going To Extremes? Two Polish Governments Deal With The Media                                                         s. 24-50
Karol Jakubowicz

Back to the (Uncertain) Future: Politics, Business and the Media in Romania                                          s. 51-68
Peter Gross

The Patchwork of the Bulgarian Media                                                                                                             s. 69-89
Lilia Raycheva

Law and the Creation of Free Speech Rights – The Impact of International Regulations
in Central and Eastern Europe                                                                                                                           s. 90-109

Péter Molnár

The Media and Power-Sharing: Towards an Analytical Framework for Understanding
Media Policies in Post-Conflict Societies. Public Broadcasting in Bosnia and Herzegovina                s. 110-139

Tarik Jusic, L. Kendall Palmer

Foreign Media Influence on Belarusians                                                                                                        s. 140-152
Oleg Manaev